• This Pioneer Village speaks to early Provo, a wilderness network existing in huge part in separation. The pioneers' very survival relied upon their very own abilities and the help of their neighbors and companions. What they ate, they developed; what they wore, they made; and what they required, they fabricated or they managed without. Things were utilized and reused; little was disposed of or discarded. 


    Experience the life of the pioneers as you stroll once again into the beginning of Provo when the pilgrims of 1849 needed to make due in segregation. The Pioneer Village contains the first structures worked by these pioneers, including the Turner Cabin, the Haws Cabin, the Loveless Home, a storage facility, school, woodshop, corn den, latrine, and that's just the beginning. The Pioneer Village additionally contains a bull shoeing stock, different pioneer wagons, a working metal forger shop, legitimate general store, pioneer games for the youngsters, and a wide assortment of verifiable curios and instruments.

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    500 West 600 North, Provo, Utah 84601 


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